Amethyst and Herkimer Diamonds



Herkimer Diamonds ..not real diamonds but given the name due to their clarity and geometrical shape.The most powerful of all quartz Crystal's. With Herkimer Diamonds being doubly terminated they have the ability to not only transmit their own energies but to receive spiritual energy . They also amplify energies of other stones. They help to give us the abjtyto balance ourselves within an environment, while balancing and aligning the Chakras. Engergise the physical body and bring mental clarity.

Amethyst is extremely beneficial for the mind, calming or stimulating as required. Mentally, it helps one to feel less scattered, more focused and in control. It helps with making decisions, enhancing common sense and spiritual insights. Amethyst is helpful when insomnia is caused by an overactive mind and protects against recurrent nightmares. Amethyst enhances memory and improves motivation. It helps to dispel anger fear and anxiety


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