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My passion for creativity, interest in crystals and holistic type healing led me to forming Charmed Collection. I am  Reiki trained and all Healing Bracelets are infused with Reiki for extra healing benefits.  It seemed only natural to combine my creativity with my love of spirituality.
Crystals have long been looked to for their healing and mystical powers.  When you hold or wear a crystal you are carrying that stones energy with you.  Every stone has its own special healing benefits that can assist with your personal well-being on all levels ~ mind, body and spirit..
We use genuine crystals/semi-precious gemstones along with Sterling Silver Charms and Bali Beads sourced from U.S.A - Thailand - and Bali.
I have also moved into creating Handpoured Soy Wax Candles/Melts  and Memorial Candles. After losing our precious son tragically in a road accident in 2014, having a candle burning for him at all times became paramount, and I understand the importance and some what comfort of being able to shine a light in honour and memory of our loved ones. Memorial Candles can be personalised also. 
If you are looking for a design unique for you, either Healing Bracelet or Memorial Candle,  I am conversation friendly so please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like me to assist you .


Maria x


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