How can wearing crystals help us

The use of crystals dates dates back through the ages to ancient times, often valued for their  healing and magical powers. Today many people are turning to holistic therapies to help heal the Mind,  Body and Spirit, not just the physical symptoms.

Crystals are a brilliant healing tool that emit life force energy (universal energy) giving a powerful postive vibration that ensures vitality.

Crystals work on all levels - physical,emotional,mental and spiritual.  Being multi-functional, they are known to heal and balance, absorb and transmit energy while also cleansing and repelling negative energy.

When a body is not well - on any or all levels it is because the natural balance of life-force energy vibrations have been disrupted.  Because crystals are able to maintain perfect life force energy and physical structure, by having them against your skin, or holding them it helps to raise your body's energetic vibration positively!  Crystals are natural conducters of energy.

Crystals release their energy when stimulated in a way, such as body heat, sunlight, moonlight or contact with other crystals.

Most energies crystals emit are subtle, although can be felt strongly by some, however whether you can feel their energy or not is irrevelant..the energy will be stimulated anyway.

Mind Body and Spirit vibrations can be restored as crystals stay constant in their vibrations, so therefore bringing the body into synch with the crystals healthy stable vibration.

So by wearing a Crystal Healing Bracelet you are raising and aligning your body's energetic vibration  with  a healthy life force energy flow and rythym on all levels to assist with your well-being.

Please Note: Disclaimer ~  The suggested healing and benefits described with our bracelets are a guide only ~ they are intended to assist with your wellbeing , and complement other therapies NOT  to be considered medical advice or take place of medical treatment. 


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