Lava Rock (White) and Rose Quartz and Kunzite Focal Stone


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Lava Rock is know for its grounding qualities, it helps calm the emotions, dissipating anger and bringing in strength and courage. Because these stones are porous they make excellent diffusers for Essential Oils. Add 1 or 2 drops of your favorite essential Oil to 1 or 2 of the Lava Rock Stones and enjoy both the healing benefits and aromatherapy benefits combined together..The natural  warmth from your wrist will amplify the scent of the oil, it should last a few hours depending on the quality of your oil.

Rose Quartz known as the Universal Stone of Love, for its soothing but powerful healing energies, helping to absorb negative energies from the body while balancing emotions, lowering stress levels bringing in calm, peace and harmony. Helps to promote self love and bring deep inner healing.

This gorgeous pink/lavender stone Kunzite activates the heart Chakra helping to heal heart and mind..encouraging the letting go of fears,sorrows and anxieties..As this stone contains lithium, this aids it to be calming to the emotions, making an excellent means to relieve your stress

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