Zodiac Candle



Choose from one of the 12 Zodiac signs, pictured is Aquarius, read below the description for each star sign and each symbol will also be present.

 Each candle is hand poured Soy wax . Burn Time  36 -40 hours Each candleis fragranced with Orange/Vanilla and  includes  Healing crystals ( Aquamarine or Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz)) to soothe, fill your senses and surroundings with  healing energies. The Crystals will bathe in the wax while the candle burns and can be cleaned at the end and kept to continue to provide Healing energies. Choose your starsign from the drop down menu. When your candle is finished you can easily wash out with warm soapy water and use for tealights.

Presented in white gift box...Perfect Gift :)

Aries - Courageous, Confident, Honest and passionate

Taurus - Patient, Reliable, Warmhearted and Loving

Gemini - Gentle, Affectionate, Witty and Curious

Cancer - Loyal, Loving, Tenacious and Sympathetic

Leo - Generous, Warmhearted, Humorous and Creative

Virgo - Loyal, Kind, Hardworking and Practical

Libra - Romantic, Gracious, Sociable and Easy Going

Scorpio - Brave, Passionate, A True Friend

Sagittarius - Optimistic, Freedom Loving and Humorous

Capricorn - Patient, Humorous and Ambitious

Aquarius - Friendly,, Honest and Loyal

Pisces - Compassionate, Gentle and Wise


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