Tibetan Dzi Agate with Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz Focal


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 In Tibetan Dzi translates to " bring splendour, brightness and shine"

Often referred to as ' Heavens Pearls' this Agate stone is believed to bring good fortune, attract wealth and prosperity while promoting good health and protecting against negative energies.

In addition to the generic healing properties of  Quartz, Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone.  It gently neutralises negative vibes while helping to detoxify on all levels, assisting in  elimination of the digestive system and protecting against radiation and electromagnetic smog.  Smokey Quartz helps to dispel fear, lift depression and negativity.  It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety.  Promotes positive thoughts and action,. Smokey Quartz aids concentration and assists in communication difficulties.Physically Smokey Quartz can help dissolves cramps, strengthen the back and fortify the nerves.

Clear Quartz a Master Healer on all levels.


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